11/04/2036, Luis Anzures Arena, Ghent, Belgium, Live on National TV
First Division A, Belgian Pro League

KRC Gent Vs Oostende

KRC Gent play in a 4-3-3 Att formation, and line up with: H Jesus (GK) , T Baskov (CB) , M Paradis (CB) , J Custodio (RB) , R Greiss (LB) , F Morlan (CM) , B Messiaen (CM) , W Pepper (CAM) , L Anzures (RW) , C Ortega (LW) , P Naragon (ST) And the subs are: M Beirne (CB) , S Villella (CM) , L Cassin (LW) , V Reynboudt (ST)

Oostende play in a 4-4-2 Diamond formation, and line up with: T Bouabid (GK) , N Kallenberg (CB) , H Willyers (CB) , F Ostiguy (RB) , R Heims (LB) , R Gabriel (CDM) , A Beutler (CAM) , G Gomez (RM) , S Genet (LM) , J Sabio (ST) , R Rastrelli (ST) And the subs are: S Bruant (CB) , C Noel (CB) , G Schaut (CM) , R Delahaye (CM) , L Sateriale (ST)