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18/05/2041Scottish Cup completes!
17/05/2041Europa League final scheduled!
13/05/2041Coppa Italia completes!
12/05/2041MLS Cup completes!
12/05/2041Copa do Brasil completes!
12/05/2041Coupe De France completes!
12/05/2041DFB-Pokal completes!
12/05/2041FA Cup completes!
12/05/2041Copa MX completes!
12/05/2041Swiss Cup completes!
12/05/2041KNVB Beker Cup completes!
12/05/2041Türkiye Kupası completes!
06/05/2041League Cup completes!
06/05/2041MLS Cup Final scheduled!
05/05/2041Belgian Cup completes!
03/05/2041Europa League semi finals drawn!
01/05/2041Copa Libertadores final scheduled!
01/05/2041Champions League final scheduled!
22/04/2041Scottish Cup Final scheduled!
21/04/2041Copa del Rey league final scheduled!
21/04/2041Coupe de France final scheduled!
21/04/2041DFB-Pokal final scheduled!
17/04/2041Copa Libertadores semi finals drawn!
15/04/2041FA Cup Final scheduled!
14/04/2041Belgian Cup Final scheduled!
14/04/2041Taça de Portugal Final scheduled!
14/04/2041Türkiye Kupası Final scheduled!
14/04/2041KNVB Beker Cup Final scheduled!
14/04/2041Coppa Italia Final scheduled!
12/04/2041Europa League Quarter Finals drawn!
10/04/2041Champions League semi finals drawn!
07/04/2041Swiss Cup Final scheduled!
03/04/2041Copa Libertadores quarter finals drawn!
30/03/2041SSC Napoli sign Menia!
21/03/2041Copa do Brasil scheduled!
15/03/2041Europa League Round of 16 drawn!
13/03/2041Copa MX Final scheduled!
13/03/2041Champions League quarter finals drawn!
11/03/2041EFL Cup completes!
24/02/2041Berlato transfered to Montpellier!
07/02/2041CONCACAF completes!
03/02/2041Arsenal sign Trevor!
31/01/2041McCown joins Saint-Étienne!
31/01/2041Falomi transfered to Saint-Étienne!
31/01/2041Serbandini joins AC Milan!
31/01/2041Darlington buy Timofte!
31/01/2041VFB Stuttgart sign Renders!
31/01/2041Hay transfered to Ajax Amsterdam!
23/01/2041VV Capelle sign Quijas!
23/01/2041Porto sign Candeloro!
23/01/2041Montoya transfered to Deportivo de La Coruña!
23/01/2041Schaubert joins Strasbourg!
23/01/2041MacMichael transfered to PSV Eindhoven!
23/01/2041Evra joins FC Twente!
20/01/2041SD Compostela buy Mattens!
17/01/2041CONCACAF final scheduled!
16/01/2041MacGinnis joins Leicester!
16/01/2041Pupo joins Aston Villa!
16/01/2041Latham joins RB Leipzig!
16/01/2041Anselmo joins Bayer Leverkusen!
15/01/2041Murto joins Darlington!
09/01/2041Fürth sign Dnibi!
25/12/2040Darlington sign Greenway!
20/12/2040Copa Libertadores groups stage completes!
19/12/2040Europa League groups stage completes!
19/12/2040Champions League groups stage completes!
22/11/2040CONCACAF semi finals drawn!
23/10/2040Scappini joins SSC Napoli!
10/10/2040FC Concordia Basel sign Ferreyra!
10/10/2040Pflug transfered to Flamengo!
26/09/2040Weymouth : Club Statement - Change of Ownership c
13/09/2040CONCACAF quarter finals drawn!
31/08/2040Tripodi transfered to Deportivo de La Coruña!
31/08/2040AC Monza sign Lo Sardo!
31/08/2040UC Sampdoria sign Carlin!
31/08/2040Lenaert joins Real Valladolid!
28/08/2040Copa Libertadores groups drawn!
26/08/2040Gontcharov transfered to Fürth!
23/08/2040Jonckery transfered to Lyon!
21/08/2040Lobato transfered to Flamengo!
21/08/2040Flamengo sign Rodrigues!
16/08/2040Flamengo sign Mbalula!
16/08/2040Bugatti joins Braga!
14/08/2040The Spartans sign Blondel!
14/08/2040Oppegard transfered to Barnet!
14/08/2040McGregor transfered to The Spartans!
11/08/2040Van der Velde transfered to FC Energie Cottbus!
09/08/2040Rubino transfered to SSC Napoli!
09/08/2040Butor joins SSC Napoli!
08/08/2040World Club Cup completes!
07/08/2040Club Brugge KV sign Rinne!
06/08/2040Standard Liege sign Monserrate!
06/08/2040Fürth buy Chapin!
06/08/2040Tottenham sign Ben-David!
01/08/2040World Club final scheduled!
31/07/2040Bisel joins FC Kosova Zurich!
30/07/2040Villarreal CF sign Guttuso!
28/07/2040Como buy Neumann!
26/07/2040CD Cayón sign Machuca!
24/07/2040Imolese Calcio buy De Silvestri!