An Immersive World

The game world features fully simulated football pyramids and domestic club competitions, including non-league in several countries:
England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland and USA are all currently featured.
Dozens of clubs from outside these leagues also exist in the background, as do hundreds of countries which take part in international tournaments.
The game also features all major international tournaments with qualifiers.

Take Control

Your new Owner's Account starts with 20 million rq with which you can buy a club in one of the leagues.
If you can make the club profitable, a half yearly dividend will be paid back into your Owner's Account.

Develop club facilities

You can develop the club by improving training facilities, setting up a youth academy, building new stadia or expanding your existing one.

Improve your team

Strengthen your team by delving into the transfer market. You can also set up scouting networks to try discover talent before your rivals.

Manage or Delegate

The Manager will be in charge of team selection and tactics.
However, you will have the opportunity to override team selection and tactics for individual matches or by setting your own defaults if you wish.